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Chalkboard Signs – 6 Pack Mini Double Sided Blackboard Message Boards Rustic Wooden Stands with Chalk & Eraser

Chalkboard Signs: A Classic Touch with a Modern Twist

6-Pack Mini Double-Sided Blackboard Message Boards with Rustic Wooden Stands, Chalk, & Eraser

For years, chalkboard signs have served as a functional yet decorative medium, providing a quaint, nostalgic touch to cafes, events, and homes. The rise of the 6-pack mini double-sided blackboard message boards enhances this timeless trend, providing versatility and a modern twist to an old classic. In this article, we will dive deep into these delightful signs, highlighting their features and potential uses.

Double-Sided Magic

These blackboards are not just one-faced wonders. With a double-sided design, they offer users twice the space to get their message across. This feature is particularly useful in settings like restaurants or cafes, where daily specials or messages might vary throughout the day.

Miniature Charm

The compact size of these chalkboard signs makes them perfect for tabletop displays. Whether you’re labeling dishes at a buffet, guiding guests at a wedding reception, or jotting down quick reminders at home, their small footprint ensures they won’t overshadow their surroundings.

Robust Rustic Appeal

The rustic wooden stands accompanying these blackboards add a touch of vintage charm. Their design is reminiscent of a simpler time, and they effortlessly fit into both modern and traditional decors.

All-in-One Package

No need to go hunting for chalk or erasers – this pack comes equipped with both. This feature ensures users can start crafting their messages immediately, without the need for additional purchases.

Easy Maintenance

Thanks to the included eraser, changing messages or correcting mistakes is a breeze. The chalk writes smoothly on the blackboard surface, and the eraser ensures clean wipes every time.

Multipurpose Marvel

While these chalkboard signs are ideal for eateries and events, their uses are only limited by one’s imagination. They can serve as nameplates for seating arrangements, price tags in boutique stores, or even as fun message boards for kids to play with.

Using the Chalkboard Signs

While they’re pretty straightforward, here are a few tips to get the most out of your chalkboard signs:


Before the first use, rub the side of a piece of chalk over the entire surface, then erase. This step will prepare the board for better chalk adherence.

Variety in Lettering

Don’t stick to just one style. Play with cursive, block letters, or even doodles to make your messages stand out.

Protect the Surface

Avoid using sharp or wet objects on the board. Stick to the provided chalk for the best results.

Regular Cleaning

Even though the boards are easy to wipe, periodic thorough cleaning will keep them looking new for longer.


The 6-pack mini double-sided blackboard message boards are a blend of form and function. Their rustic wooden stands, paired with the practicality of chalk and eraser, make them a must-have for various settings. Whether you’re a cafe owner, an event planner, or someone who loves quirky home decor, these boards are sure to add a touch of charm and utility to your space.

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